About The Group & You

Joggz is all about you. We want you to look great and feel great as you live in your Joggers. Jogzz was founded by Victor Alhadeff. Victor’s personal experience is that he too likes to live in his joggers. He hates pulling down his pants to pee. Jogzz was created to give guys a line of high fashion men’s joggers with the simple inclusion of a zipper fly. Guys know that all their other pants have a zipper fly. Why not your Joggers?

Jogzz is totally committed to the quality and design of our products. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee says it all. We know you will love your Joggers. Style and quality are important in both your athletic wear and streetwear.

Jogzz is an Alhadeff Brands Company. Alhadeff Brands is a new company founded in the summer of 2017 by Victor Alhadeff to incubate, manage, and market new brands and products to be sold on Amazon.com. Jogzz is the first product launched by Alhadeff Brands.

We are donating 5% of all Alhadeff Brand company sales including sales of Jogzz to the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. We need to Cure Cancer Faster. Our long-term business goal is to build a substantial business that can make substantial donations to the Hutch.

Amazon Ratings and Reviews – How you can help!

The sales success of Jogzz is directly impacted by our Amazon listing. The more we sell, the more we donate. Reviews and Ratings are essential for increasing sales when selling on Amazon.

After your purchase we invite you to take the time to rate and review your purchase on Amazon to help us grow our business and increase our donations to the Fred Hutch to Cure Cancer Faster.