Jogzz Athleisure Slim Fit Joggers with Zipper Fly

Jogzz Urban Cool Slim Fit Joggers are 100% Cotton for hanging out or working out.

The Seattle design team focused on blending fashion and function.  Jogzz are designed with 6 panels and ribbing along the side of the pocket and sides of the lower legs.  This is a hot fresh look but also amazingly comfortable and the 100% Cotton fabric breathes for a great feel.

The Zipper pockets with the orange lining are hot.  The strong metal zippers are super cool looking yet very functional.  Your stuff stays in your pockets when zipped.  The back-pocket Zipper adds a cool touch to the rear view and the pocket is deep for a phone.  The subtle black zippers on the bottom of the legs allow for relaxation and make it easy to slide in and out of your shoes.

The Zipper Fly is hidden but it is there when you need it.  Little boys have to pull down their pants to pee.  You’re a man now and you can stand tall in your Joggers just as you do in all your other pants.

Hanging Out

Working Out